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what does your item has been processed through our sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY USPS at 10 20 pm on January 22 2012 mean

What does your item has been processed through our sort facility in isc new york ny usps at 10 20 pm on january 22 2012 mean? Kate





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When will checks be mailed out for everest university 2012?
i just so Happen to attend Everest online as well as you. At this moment, Everest has 1.1 Billion excuses as to where your School money is. They are quick to ask if your learning or just going for the money. I told them B*tches, I'm going for my Education, But I would like a little something that I could fall back on to help me with school.

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I was wondering the same thing so I e-mailed my financial aid adviser. His exact words copied and pasted from my e-mail: "Once tuition and funds have posted to student’s accounts, we have to wait for the government census date, which is normally 21 days after the start. The census for this term was November 7th, and the stipend’s 14 day processing window began from that date. We are still within that timeframe (which is up next Wednesday the 21st) so stipends should go out any time between now and then. At this time, I have not seen any Fall checks go out yet, but should any day now!" Hope this helps...As a side note, I still have not gotten mine yet..But keeping fingers crossed for Tuesday.(Tomorrow)

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does processed through ics sorting facility mean it cleared customs?how long does a package stay in a sorting facility?where does mail go after isc new york?what does processed through sort facility isc new york mean??if a package is processed through the usps sorting facility is it past customs?how long does a package stay in isc?how long does an item stay in isc san francisco?how long does registered mail stay at a sorting facility??how long for a package from isc new york ny usps to phx , az?What does ics nyc mean tracking package ?what does package processed by isc ny sorting facility mean?what does it mean if my package was processed through new york isc sort facility?how long will my package stay in isc sf?if my package is processing in custom in ny will i get before xmas?how long does it take to get through the ics sort facility?
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